LibreOffice group policy

LibreOffice 4.2 introduced the ability to control LibreOffice settings via registry keys. In so doing, it allows Group Policy to set LibreOffice settings.

Unfortunately, LibreOffice have not provided much documentation on their main.xcd file, so it’s hard to know exactly what registry key you need to create in order to set a particular setting.

I have created a stub Group Policy admx / adml file for LibreOffice. Check it out on github.

With this admx file, hopefully it will be easy for you to set LibreOffice settings, without trying to figure out where the particular setting is stored in main.xcd.

4 thoughts on “LibreOffice group policy

  1. Hi!
    Could you please add your extended excellent wiki article about custom LibreOffice ADM(X) ( to Also link your GitHub repository there. I am looking forward to your GitHub project, but people have to know about it first! Many AD administrators are asking about this and am sure that all AD admins around the world will join this project if this will be more popular.
    At you can find full package of adm files for old OpenOfficeEnterprise. Good lecture while working upon open sourced LibreOffice admx files ;).


  2. Thanks! I have been exceedingly lazy and haven’t checked out my blog over Christmas. I’ll have a look at contributing further now that I have some free time!


  3. Hi Thomas, I am using Microsoft Intune and I have successfully ingested the liberoffice ADMX file from your github repo. I have tried in vain for few hours to apply the settings.

    (Imported your Admx File) no issues here.

    Trying to set the WarnAlienFormat to False and enforcing it.
    Value String:

    The above setting results in an error. Please can you help me.
    First question is that can I use your admx file for intune? Next is how do I go about applying the above settings.
    Thank you


    1. Hi, thanks for the comment!

      I would steer clear of my ADMX files, I stopped developing them when Collabora started providing them around 5 years ago. Their ADMX files can be found here:

      You can use any ADMX file in Intune, in fact I have another article on my site that covers importing ADMX files into Intune here: The difficulty is knowing the OMA-URI value you need to provide, and I haven’t used LibreOffice in several years now, so I am sorry that I do not know the exact value required.


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