LibreOffice group policy

LibreOffice 4.2 introduced the ability to control LibreOffice settings via registry keys. In so doing, it allows Group Policy to set LibreOffice settings.

Unfortunately, LibreOffice have not provided much documentation on their main.xcd file, so it’s hard to know exactly what registry key you need to create in order to set a particular setting.

I have created a stub Group Policy admx / adml file for LibreOffice. Check it out on github.

With this admx file, hopefully it will be easy for you to set LibreOffice settings, without trying to figure out where the particular setting is stored in main.xcd.

libreoffice spellcheck fails with roaming profiles

Occasionally I receive helpdesk calls from staff reporting that their LibreOffice spell check has failed, as this issue is not reported often, my initial response is just to clear the users LibreOffice appdata folder and have them launch LibreOffice again.

This would fix the spell check issue and I considered it something the user must have done, as I did not receive that many calls.

However the calls picked up, so I decided to investigate the issue. This is what I have found.

LibreOffice will not load Language modules if the user is not using the RDS server that they originally launched LibreOffice on.

So consider the following scenario:

  1. You open LibreOffice for the first time and you get RDS Server 1
  2. The next time you open LibreOffice, you get RDS Server 2. You will notice that your Language modules are not loaded, so spell check fails to work.
  3. The next time you open LibreOffice you get RDS Server 1 again. Language modules will load now and spell check will work!

As you can see this could be very annoying if you have a lot of servers. So what’s going on?

It seems to relate to the users libreoffice folder. In particular the LibreOffice3userextensions folder (you will find this in the users %appdata% folder). I am not quite sure of what is happening, but if you remove this folder LibreOffice will re-create it the next time you open LibreOffice.

I created a logoff script to delete the %appdata%LibreOffice3userextensionssharedlastsynchronized file when the user logs off an RDS server. The next time they open LibreOffice it will re-create whatever it needs to re-create in order for the Language modules to be imported correctly.

I believe that LibreOffice could fix this issue, so I have opened a bug here:

Though LibreOffice have not been very helpful in fixing it!